Carbon Neutral Travelling

Travel and Climate Change

In order to limit the global warming and to respect the global emission budget, the Scientific Council of the Federal Government for Global Climate Change has established a limit for sustainable annual emissions of approximately 2.3 t of CO2 per capita.

Given that a medium-haul flight may well exceed the annual threshold, more eco-friendly, alternative modes of transportation are required to limit the personal share of carbon emissions. Consequently, it is preferable to travel by bus or train or to resort to car-sharing offers. Urban dwellers or visitors can normally very well walk or travel in an environmentally friendly manner with the bicycle or using the public transportation system. Furthermore, it is possible to take into consideration environmental criteria in the holiday planning, such as energy saving measures or eco-labels when choosing the accommodation.

Climate-conscious travel does not necessarily mean more costs or less comfort. On the website of our partner “Atmosfair” you find lots of useful tips and tricks regarding environmentally friendly travel.


Climate-conscious Travel with Autobus Oberbayern

The management of “Autobus Oberbayern” Coach Operator are committed to arranging the processes and services in an environmentally sustainable manner. Given the low carbon emissions, a journey by bus is even less pollutant and more environmentally friendly than a trip by train. So when opting for a bus tour, you make a contribution to safeguard the environment.

“Autobus Oberbayern” are doing even more! Opting for our services, you will travel with “a neutral carbon footprint”. In collaboration with our partner “Atmosfair” we are striving to compensate the carbon emissions of the coach tours and thereby contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.

On the website of our partner “Atmosfair” you can learn more about environmentally friendly travel.

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